How Clicker Training Can Be Effective

When you are trying to teach your family pet basic commands, clicker dog training is one of the most effective tools that you can use for controlling a dog’s behavior. It can be used to reinforce those behaviors that you want your pet to repeat…and to help stop them from doing things that you are not happy about.

Clicker training takes very little time to master and you can use it to teach your dog nearly anything you desire.

How Clicker Training Works

Your dog can hear the sound of a clicker from 20 plus yards away. The idea is that you are teaching your dog to associate the sound of the clicker with a specific command you give. The goal of the training is to reward desirable behavior with the sound of the clicker.

Obviously clicker dog training does not start with a clicker. Your dog must first be taught that the clicker is a reward for good behavior. This can be done with a bag of treats and a simple, two dollar clicker you can purchase from your local pet store.

It is important that you use a clicker in this instance and to reinforce to the dog that he will never hear that clicker other than to tell him that he did a good job and that a treat is on the way.

How To Be Successful at Clicker Training

There are three basic steps to get your dog to respond to training via a clicker. First, you will get the desired behavior – convincing your dog to do something that you want. It may be sitting, speaking, or whatever other commands you are trying to get him to learn. Once you’ve gotten them to perform the desired behavior, mark it with the clicker and a reward.

It usually only takes a couple of markings before a dog learns what the correct behavior was and he will start repeating it whenever you use the clicker. Clicker dog training works well because he will immediately respond, allowing you to reward him and immediately reinforce the positive behavior in his mind. A verbal command will take some time to get through.

Once your dog has performed the desired command and received his reward, continue to reinforce the positive behavior you want from them as much as possible. Treats do not have to be used every time. Praise works just as well.

Whenever you are about to use the clicker, say the command and then click, followed by the reward. The dog will quickly learn the command you are trying to get him to perform.

Transitioning to a Command

Once the dog has learned the behavior, clicker dog training will allow you to be able to transition to a spoken command that can be used anywhere, even when a clicker is not available.

Eventually, with successful clicker training, a dog will respond to a verbal cue and at that moment you need to praise him for the action and then they will learn it. Treats or praise will no longer be necessary and the dog will simply know that the action has pleased you, his owner.

With a simple, sharp command, you can mark and reinforce nearly any behavior with clicker training.

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